Is Your AC Coil Freezing Up?

We perceive the logic that may result in confusion with regard to your AC coil physical change over. After all, it is an air conditioner, right? Cooling things down is kind of the whole point, right? Right.

To a certain degree.

Yes, your air conditioning is meant to chill things down for you. However, it is not a freezer, and shouldn’t be performing as such. If you see ice on your air conditioner in general, you’re likely dealing with a system that is compromised in some way. The solution? Working with trained professionals that specialize in air conditioning repair.

We’re the team that you want on your side, especially in such cases. Why? Because ice on your coil might truly be associate degree indicator of terribly serious issues along with your air conditioning. Or it could be a relatively simple fix! Our team has the skills and expertise necessary for diagnosing the problem accurately and resolving it completely.

Why could be a Frozen Coil Such an enormous Problem?

Well, the AC is supposed to cool things down. So if it’s freezing the coil—what? It’s working too well or something? NO!

It’s not working properly. Let’s cowl however that ice forms to start with.

Remember, your air conditioner doesn’t create “coolness” somehow. It removes heat from the air in your home. This is accomplished through the refrigerant cycle. Refrigerant evaporates indoors, drawing heat out of the air outside. It released heat outdoors as it condenses. So why might that coil get too cold?

It’s not because the AC is working too well, as we’ve covered. So what does cause this problem? Well, as is the case with several AC problems, there are a few likely culprits.

Refrigerant Leaks. This is probably the most serious issue that you can encounter with your air conditioning system. If you’ve got a refrigerant leak, that low refrigerant level is going to make it tough for the system to draw heat out of the air. Thus, the coil will get too cold and ice will type thereon.

Collapsed Ducts. Reduced airflow through the system puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the coil. If you have a collapsed duct, then airflow is obviously going to be negatively affected. This is why “out of sight, out of mind” is never the way to go with your ductwork.


Clogged Air Filters. This is the best case scenario for sure. It means that you need to be more diligent in changing your air filter, but nothing is really wrong with your system beyond a dirty filter severely restricting airflow.